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                                                              Huarun · REAL PAINT EXPERT



                                                              RAND BUILDING

                                                              In 1991, Huarun Paints was founded in Shunde, the hometown of coatings in China. As a leader of high quality and environmental-preferred coating provider, Huarun is a well-known brand in China coatings industry with high reputation among consumers and truly an industrial paint expert. Forming public praise of "professional, reliable and trustworthy " among professional users and consumers.

                                                              Sherwin-Williams completed the acquisition of the Valspar in 2017, Huarun is now a brand of Sherwin-Williams company.

                                                              ECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION

                                                              With its patented technology and high standard environmental protection concept, Huarun Paints can fully meet the strict requirements of enterprise users for high-quality and environmental preferred coatings. Huarun is the first one to launch amber yellow, ruby red with silver gloss and isolating PU sealer, which are still widely known by the industry. Huarun is also one of the first brands to promote waterborne and UV curable coatings. 
                                                              As the brand of  Sherwin-Williams ,Huarun paints shares the R&D resources from Sherwin-Willams and  push the business development with continuous product. 

                                                              DVANCED MANUFACTURING

                                                              With two production sites in China, Huarun Paints has been dedicated on research, development, sales and application service of waterborne, solvent-borne and UV curable coatings. The production sites covers an area of 70,000 square meters for solvent-borne coatings and 120,000 square meters for waterborne coatings. Both are equipped with the world-class automatic lines of paint production and color tinting system. 

                                                              Huarun Shunde plant

                                                              Product Application Equipment Centre

                                                              ARKETING CONCEPT

                                                              Huarun Paints, adhering to its brand positioning of Real Paint Expert, stays focus on creating values for customers through superior product quality and professional “4C Value Service Program”. Over past 30 years, Huarun Paints has helped more than 10,000 enterprise users in China to achieve their continuous success with its unique authorized distributors network.

                                                              OCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                              Huarun Paints actively carries out social responsibility, serving as standing council member of China Furniture Association, Vice Chairman unit of Beijing, Guangdong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou Furniture Associations. Since 2000, Huarun have successfully held 11 "Huarun Cup" furniture finishing competition which has driven the development of China paint industry.


                                                              Over the past 30 years since its establishment, Huarun Paints has successively won the honors of China's Famous Brand, China's Well-known Trademark, High-tech Enterprise, Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise, China Environmental Mark Product Certificate, Consumer's Favorite Green Trademark, Environmental Protection Model Enterprise, Best Employer, Best Partner, Best Supplier, Top 500 Chinese Chemical Enterprises, Top 100 Independent Enterprises in Guangdong Province, etc. 
                                                              In 2019 we were awarded for the Excellent Enterprise of China Furniture Industry issued by the China Furniture Association.
                                                              In2019,This is the 16 years that we have been selected for China 500 top chemical companies.


                                                              Huarun Paints has been devoting to make financial donations to help developing education in poor areas. By 2019, Huarun has donated to build 13 “Huarun Teachers’ Building” in the villages. In 2009, Huarun Paints initiated to raise “Green Computers” for Hope Primary School in rural areas, so that the village children and teachers can also use modern facilities. In order to realize convenience of water use for schools in drought areas, Huarun Paints actively helps schools to build reservoirs. Huarun Paints’ student aid action are implemented by putting care activities into practice and details. Huarun Paints always focus on the special groups that really need help, such as making donation to Guangdong Public Security Heroes’ Children Education Fund, taking swift action to send care and love to afflicted people in Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas and donate to build a hope primary school in the disaster area, Guangyuan. 

                                                              RODUCT SYSTEM

                                                              Huarun has a complete product line which meets all the coating needs of enterprise users, including WB, UV, PU, NC, PE. Huarun products meet the industry standards from China, Europe and the United States. 

                                                              ERVICE SYSTEM
                                                              華潤涂料倡導服務至上的營銷理念,以產品和服務相結合,推出客戶服務的“4C價值服務方案”。4C價值服務方案是貫穿于客戶產品的“設計、制造、營銷”全過程的涂裝服務體系,以系統解決方案的服務模式,持續地為客戶創造價值。4C價值服務方案包括:環保技術涂裝解決方案(Clean Technology)、色彩設計涂裝解決方案(Color Design)、成本優化涂裝解決方案(Cost Optimization)及品牌聯合傳播解決方案(Co-brand)。

                                                              Huarun Paints advocates the marketing concept of “Service first” and combines products with services to launch the "4C Value Service Program". 4C is a coating service system that runs through the whole process of "design, manufacturing and marketing" of customized products and continuously creates value for customers.
                                                              4C included Clean Technology, Color Design, Cost Optimization and Co-brand. 

                                                              PPLICATION FIELD

                                                              Huarun Paints are widely used in residential furniture, customized furniture, hotel furniture, office furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, wooden doors & windows, wooden floors, store fixtures, outdoor furniture, musical instruments and other woodwork. 

                                                              XHIBITION CENTER

                                                              Huarun Brand Exhibition Center was officially launched in 2010. Since 2010, Huarun has released the latest coating technology, finishing and color trends and application solutions consistently. The center has become an interactive communication platform for China furniture industry on finishing technology and color design innovation.


                                                              ASHION FINISHING

                                                              FASHION FINISHING started publication in 2010, stay focus on sharing with readers the latest paint technologies, finishing and color trends. Seventeen issues have been published so far. The magazine is deeply loved by customers, distributors, professionals and designers from furniture and home furnishing industry.